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Our Food at Restaurant Anzu

Our Food

Crafted Flavors Merging Californian and Japanese Inspirations

Culinary horizons expand at ANZU, merging Californian freshness with Japanese sophistication. Meticulously crafted Japanese cuisine offers a tantalizing journey of textures and tastes, encapsulating the essence of San Francisco's rich gastronomic heritage. From fresh, locally sourced ingredients to the artistic presentation, we invite you to savor a Japanese dining experience like no other.
Signature Fusion Dishes at Restaurant Anzu

Signature Fusion Dishes

Delve into creations where East meets West. Experience hand-picked ingredients that blend seamlessly, offering a sensory delight with each bite.
Seasonal Menus, Fresh Picks

Seasonal Menus, Fresh Picks

Drawing inspiration from nature's bounty, our seasonal menus change, reflecting the freshest produce and flavors. Celebrate each season on your plate.