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Restaurant Accessibility 

At ANZU Restaurant, we make sure every guest enjoys a comfortable and easy dining experience.  We strive to ensure that every area of our restaurant meets the standards of the Americans With Disabilities Act so that every guest can enjoy the best culinary experiences.  Browse our restaurant accessibility features, or contact us for more information at 415-394-110.

Restaurant Dining Room Accessibility Features

  • Restaurant does not have fixed seating
  • Wheelchair accessible seating distributed throughout the dining area
  • Accessible tables and counters between 28" and 34" high
  • Does not have a cashier counter
  • Accessible tables and counters have knee space at least 27" high x 30" wide x 19" deep
  • Food-ordering & pickup counters are no more than 36" high
  • Accessible tables and counters between 28" and 34" high

Accessible Restaurant Entry and Parking Features

  • Accessible ramp for the entrance
  • The ramp is more than 6 feet and has hand railings between 34" and 38" high
  • Entrance has non-slip stickers
  • No entrance with stairs in the restaurant
  • Entrance doorway is 60" wide
  • Entrance door handle is less than 48 inches high
  • Entrance door can be operated with a closed fist
  • Entrance door has more than 18 inches of wall clearance on the pull side of the door
  • No objects protrude into the entrance path
  • Service animals are accepted
  • No Brail signage at the Restaurant entrance
  • 4 Accessible parking spots
  • Van-accessible parking spots
  • Direct elevator access to the restaurant entrance
  • Restaurant has carpet with a pile that is less than 1/2 inch high
  • Restaurant has recessed carpet to reduce tripping hazards
  • Entrance door is not automatic or takes less than 3 seconds to close

Restaurant Public Restrooms Accessibility Features

  • Restaurant does have accessible public restrooms
  • Does have signage indicating the location of accessible restrooms
  • Does use pictograms and/or does not have raised lettering on restroom doors
  • Restroom entrance doorways at least 32" wide
  • Restroom entrance doors have accessible handles are higher than 48" from the ground
  • Restroom entrance doors require minimum force to operate
  • Patrons in wheelchairs can maneuver in the restroom
  • Pathways to restroom fixtures are at least 36" wide
  • Restroom mirror is 40" from the ground
  • Restroom stall doors are operable with a closed fist
  • Patrons in wheelchairs can maneuver easily in the accessible stalls
  • Restroom does have an accessible stall with grab bars near the toilet
  • Restroom does not have toilet seats that are 17 to 19" high
  • The space in front of the restroom sink is less than 30" wide x 48" deep
  • Restroom sink rim is 34" high
  • There is a 29" space from the floor to the bottom of the sink
  • Sink faucets, soap dispensers, and hand dryers can be operated with a closed fist
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